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The carefully selected coffee beans of Novanta Sei are imported selected from tropical regions around the world - Colombia, Guatemala, Brazil, Ethiopia, Kenya, India - and are baked in Greece, in the modern processing units of the company Sdoukos SA. in Ioannina, which has years of experience in coffee roasting and food production.

We believe that coffee is not a simple habit but a delicious journey that unites cultures, cultures, different people and creates unique moments that remain forever engraved in our memories.
We invite you to redefine your relationship with coffee and all together to build real relationships around and over a cup of coffee.
Novanta Sei was born out of our need to enjoy refined flavors and unique aromas in our daily coffee. During our many months of careful and persistent research, we have focused on finding the best quality in the sorting of grains that make up Novanta Sei coffee today.
Our coffee consists of wonderful blends that retain their aroma, do not lose their acidity and are aimed at the public who are looking for refined flavors.



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